From Price To The Names, Desis Criticizes Deepika Padukone’s New Skincare Products

Celebrities coming up with their own brands is nothing new these days. Priyanka Chopra came up with her homeware brand. Recently, new mommy Alia Bhatt launched her maternity clothing brand.

Now, Deepika Padukone is here with her self-care brand which she named ’82°E’.


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The brand went live yesterday and the Bollywood actor came up with just two products as of now – a moisturizer named ‘Ashwagandha Bounce’ and a sunscreen called ‘Patchouli Glow’.


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Through Instagram live, Deepika shared why she came up with this name for her brand and why she choose skincare out of anything.

“82°E  is the longitude that runs through India. When we went through a whole bunch of options it just felt correct for where I am in my life and what we wanted to say through this brand that we are truly proud of who we are as a nation, as a country, and also our relationship with the rest of the world.”

Responding to, “Why skincare?”, she said, “Skincare because it has been very personal to me.”

“A journey that I have learned and discovered through trial and error over a period of time and I have reached a stage in my life where I don’t prioritize anything more than my self-care. And skincare as been a very important part of my self care ritual.”


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Despite clearing the air around it, people thought that the launch was cold and not promoted well considering her following and public standing.

Thoughts? I actually agree with the last para. It was a very sad launch , considering her public presence! from InstaCelebsGossip

Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram account dedicated to spilling the tea in and around fashion, also thought that the agencies were slow and didn’t take leverage of Deepika’s ginormous following.

Moreover, people weren’t happy with the names she gave to her products. Talking about the pricing, the moisturizer with ashwagandha and sodium hyaluronate is priced at INR 2,700 while you can buy the nourishing sunscreen drops enriched with patchouli and ceramides for Rs 1,800.

From the launch to the name of the products and the pricing, people thought everything could have been done better.

Twitter was also buzzing:

A lot has been said already. We hope DP is listening to her audience and will come up with products as per their need and wants in the future. How do you feel about it?

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