A Mug For Rs 3,475: Desis Criticize Priyanka Chopra’s Homeware Brand For Being Overpriced

Desi girl Priyanka Chopra Jonas was among the many talented people who put India on the global map, who took Indian culture and heritage to a foreign land, and is definitely proud of where she comes from.


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Paying homage to her roots, she recently launched her new business venture, a homeware brand, ‘Sona Home’ in New York City along with restauranteur and co-founder of ‘Sona Home’, Maneesh Goyal.


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Obviously, people back home were elated and proud on seeing our culture getting the recognition it deserves. Hence, they went to the website of PeeCee’s home decor line to see what was in store for them.

While they were impressed with the designs and the variety, the pricing of the product is what took them by surprise.

PC’s NYC restaurant SONA launches “SONA HOME”…. I went broke just scrolling through those prices…….. from BollyBlindsNGossip

As of now, it has two categories ‘Sultan’s Garden’ and ‘The Panna Collection’. When we visited the vibrant website, we found out that it listed a mug for 44$ ( Rs 3,475  approx.), a square tablecloth for
$298 (Rs 23,534 approx.), a sari table lamp with shade for $98 (Rs 7,741 approx.) among other expensive things.


Well, we definitely think the pricing is pretty steep. This is how people online feel about it.

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Looking at the pricing, it seems it’s for a particular class of people. Definitely not for someone like me who gets paid the amount close to what she is selling a tablecloth at. 😢

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