Standup Comedian Daniel Fernandes Faces Backlash For Joking About The Pandemic Health Crisis

Millions of deaths, countless jobs lost, thousands swept below the poverty line, and a crippling financial crisis – the Coronavirus pandemic took us to hell and back, the effects of which we are still suffering. Innumerable families have lost their loved ones to the virus and it’s the kind of loss which is hard to recover from.

It was also a time when people came together to help each other out, whether it be sharing resources to notifying about hospital beds and oxygen cylinder availability. Society had to come together because the world wasn’t prepared for the calamity that we were facing.

But when a standup comedian goes on stage and performs a set joking about the calamity and people’s struggles, it can be unsettling for some people to hear. According to India Today, a standup comedian named Daniel Fernandes joked about the lack of ICU beds and people sharing Covid resources on social media and a video of his set is receiving massive backlash online.


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Here’s a look at the video:

Several people online thought that his jokes were extremely insensitive to those who suffered at the hands of the pandemic. They were also surprised that there were people in the audience who thought that his jokes were actually funny and laughed. Here’s what some of them said:

During the pandemic, I read an article by The New Indian Express talking about the rise of coronavirus memes and humorous content. In it, the author had written something that stayed with me ever since.

“It’s one thing to keep one’s sense of humour intact in perilous situations. It’s quite another to laugh at a calamity the world is struggling to comprehend, let alone tackle.”

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