Doctor Overwhelmed By Increasing Covid Deaths Requests People To Follow Safety Protocols

Coronavirus cases in the country have been increasing rapidly. So much so, that several states have imposed restrictions while others are contemplating lockdown. On Monday, India surpassed Brazil and became the 2nd country with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.

Due to this, doctors and medical workers are back to square one. The same old routine of long hours of Covid duty and compromise in their own safety repeats again. Overwhelmed by this, one doctor named Dipshikha Ghosh took to Twitter to request everyone to follow safety protocols, reports NDTV.

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She expressed being “physically and mentally exhausted” with long shifts.

“Please, please wear masks. I don’t know about other people but I’m physically and mentally exhausted with crazy shifts and calling more deaths than I did in all my years of service combined. If you still don’t care, please go inside COVID units as my proxy,” she wrote.

Have a look at her tweet here:

The doctor went on to add how breaking news of death to family members of Covid patients is heartbreaking.

Responding to her tweet, people online hoped for others to take the doctor’s word seriously.

Here’s requesting everyone reading this to strictly follow Covid-19 safety protocols. The pandemic is far from getting over.

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