Gujarat Family Barges Into Hospital In Auto, Breaks Barricades After Waiting 3 Days For Bed

The number of Covid-positive cases is increasing at a high speed in Gujarat. As hospitals complain of a shortage of beds, several patients have reportedly been waiting outside hospitals for their turn to receive treatment.

One such family of a Covid patient in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who allegedly have been waiting for 3 days to get admission, recently tried barging into a 900-bed hospital while trying to break through the barricade with the help of an auto-rickshaw. A video of the shocking incident was shared online by News18.

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“They are simply desperate. This is desperation that is leaving people to do something like this,” the news anchor says.

The facility has recently been set up by the DRDO in Ahmedabad.

Have a look at the video of the incident here:

Our prayers are with the numerous families who are struggling during such a crisis.


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