A Famous Film Critic Decided To Not Review Salman’s “Sultan” And His Reason Is Going Viral

Salman Khan’s insensitive remark about “feeling like a raped woman” earned him the ire of many people across the nation, and why wouldn’t it!

His major foot-in-the-mouth moment is quite disturbing and the fact that he just casually threw around the word “rape” speaks about his insensitivity towards this!

Twitterati didn’t let that go easily and shot hateful comments on the actor with the viral hashtag #InsensitiveSalman.

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About which we told you yesterday.


Amidst this crowd, there was a renowned film critic, Raja Sen, who stood tall and blatantly refused to watch and review Sultan, Salman Khan’s upcoming movie.

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Here, have a look:


Post this, he posted a long clarification about his decision, which made total sense.


Also, he knew that him not watching the movie is a dime’s worth of difference, but he stood his ground and maintained his stance.

It would be a long time till people forget this inarticulate moment in Salman Khan’s life and that time is not coming anytime soon!

On a different note, your views are highly appreciated, Raja Sen!

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