‘Uncle Doing Kulla’ Desis Explain ‘What’s Stopping Them’ Taking Daredevil Selfies Off Indian Trains


Let’s be honest. There’re a lot of things on the internet that often leave us with a BIG question mark. Like, how can a man’s boring video of staring into the camera with background music make him an internet sensation? Or, how can someone learn 74 skills? Well, while we were trying to figure these things out, a Twitter user stumbled upon an image of a couple that intrigued her.

What next? The user, identified as Dr. Ajayita, simply posted the picture of a couple kissing while leaning out of a train on Twitter and asked everyone, ‘What’s stopping you from doing this’?

And to everyone’s surprise, she got a lot of responses. While some desis said that ‘uncle doing kulla by the window’ stopped them from taking a similar picture, others opined that an absence of a partner restricted them from doing so.

Here’s how people hilariously responded to her post.

Apparently, the picture of the couple hanging off a railway carriage was taken as a part of a death-defying Instagram trend. Tourists visiting Sri Lanka reportedly risk their lives to click a picture in the same pose in Ella where trains run over beautiful scenery.

The couple in the picture, identified as Camille and Jean, date the image to 2019. Here’s the OG click:

Well, while the funny and sarcastic responses to the picture tickled our funny bones, we wonder what was the couple thinking while attempting such a daredevil stunt. What are your opinions on this? Share with us.

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