Condom Packaging Gets Bashed By The Internet For Promoting Rape. What Do You Think It Says?

Here’s a fun task for you.

Take a look at this condom wrapper. What do you think it says?

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If you thought this condom wrapper was anti-consent, funny thing— you’re not alone.

What was meant to be a ‘witty’ campaign to promote safe sex and consent by a condom company called Consent Condoms, ended with them being thrashed savagely for promoting the exact opposite!


Thanks to an epic #DesignFail, several people who came across this condom packet found it to be anti-consent and promoting rape culture.

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At first glance, this supposedly quirky design, which includes a pink frosted doughnut and the quote “Go Further Without Consent,” seems to urge men to go ahead WITHOUT asking for their partner’s consent.

Brace yourselves! Outrage is coming.


Of course, there was backlash. It began when Reddit user wrags23 received the condom as part of a safe sex campaign in his college campus and shared a picture of it on Reddit. Eventually, Twitter caught up and everyone had a field day trashing.

1. Craptastic much?


2. Kaun hai yeh jisne dobara mudke design nahi dekha? Who is he?


3. Hear hear!


4. An absolute Do-Nut job!


And then, in a startling flash of light, the real meaning of the quote dawned on a chosen few.

Donut. Do-nut. DO-NOT! Geddit? DO NOT!



Yes. Apparently, the cute little pink doughnut at the start of the quote is meant to be read as “do-nut”! As in “Do-nut (not) Go Further Without Consent”!

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MIND= BLOWN, right?

This means that the packaging was, after all, conveying the intended campaign message of the importance of consent and thereby preventing rape, albeit in a humourous, slightly too clever way.


Unfortunately (and understandably), despite this Eureka moment, people were still not impressed and further blasted the folks over at the condom company who thought this would actually be witty in the first place.

1. It’s so bad that it’s… fascinating?


2. Just S-P-E-L-L it out! How difficult is that?


3. The misunderstood genius?


4. WTF Bill?


5. This got NSFW too fast!

Yeah, ouch.

While the condom company really does deserve a pat on their back for coming up with such an innovative and funny concept for awareness about consent, it all eventually came tumbling down because of a single design fail.

But honestly, what kind of protection can you have against trolls, right?

Here’s a thought: Be clever but think it through the next time!