The Cherry Blossoms In Japan Are Making The Country Look Like A Surreal Flower Paradise


Because flowers are like the most beautiful part of nature. Because they can instantly calm you and make you appreciate the larger things in life. And life is so much happier when you are surrounded by them! Well, I am just a little biased towards cherry blossoms and if you are too, here are some gorgeous pictures all the way from Kawazu, Japan!

1. Cherry blossoms. OK, let me just clear something. No, these trees do not grow cherries. They are grown for ornamental use. Cherries come from trees of related species.


2. Cherry blossoms along with chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan.


3. In this beautiful eastern town of Kawazu in Japan, the cherry blossoms have bloomed early this year, typically they blossom in late march and early April.


4. In the earlier times, people used to have picnics under a cherry blossom tree also known as Sakura and have a leisurely time. The outing was known as “Hanami.”


5. “Hanami” picnics are gorgeous at night.


6. Cherry blossoms are symbolic too. They symbolise clouds because they bloom in bunches and they also show the short-lived nature of our lives! Cherry blossoms reflect the transient beauty of mortal life!


7. During the Second World War, cherry blossoms were used to instigate Nationalism among the people.


8. This is a Japanese white-eyed bird which flocks to the flowers for the nectar.


9. Cherry Blossom is said to be native to the Himalayas.


10. There are over 200 varieties of cherry blossoms!


11. They not only look beautiful but their fragrance is also heavenly. They are the best selling fragrance in the U.S.

Aren’t these trees just a miracle of nature. They are spectacular and I want to be there right now, what about you?

Image Source: Bored Panda

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