A 4 Year Old Died In Hema Malini’s Car Accident. Why Isn’t Anybody Talking About That?

The news that Hema Malini was in a car accident and was injured, has been doing the rounds since yesterday. According to reports, her Mercedes collided with an Alto car, which resulted in injuries to occupants of both the cars. The accident occurred on National Highway 11, near Dausa Midway at around 9pm on Thursday.

A police official said that a four-year old who was in the other car was killed, and four others who were injured in the accident have been admitted to a hospital.

The child’s father has injuries to the legs and collar bone, and has multiple fractures. His second child has fractures in both the legs, and was rushed to Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh (SMS) hospital and is undergoing treatment in the ICU.

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Image Credit: Hindustan Times

Have you ever noticed that when an actor gets into an accident, it immediately becomes front-page news, while the other people who were also injured, barely get a mention? It’s pretty much the same in this case too; Messages began circulating late at night :  “Hema Malini injured in car crash”, “Hema Malini wounded” along with images of her bloodied face also being shared.

What about the four year-old? Why is the focus on the fact that an actor got into an accident and was rushed to a hospital, and not on the two parents who lost their child in the same?

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Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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The list of actors who received their 2 minutes of fame for being injured in car accidents includes Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonu Sood among others. But what about the other people who also got injured in the same accident?

The focus is always on the celebs. The bottom line is that people rush to read an article that says that a so-and-so famous person was injured in an accident, and it says much more about us as humans than we think.

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Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case tells the same story. While the spotlight is on what Salman Khan was drinking, which car he was driving, how his family was praying for him day and night, and how people saw tears in Salman’s eyes, there were very few who paused to think about the victims.

It’s not about whose name headlines the news, but it trickles down to a much deeper thought: why is so much importance given to people who are always in the spotlight? Of course, there are so many accidents that go unnoticed in the media, but the ones that include celebs are always mentioned. And in that particular accident, the celebrity is given much more importance. Why is the other story never covered the same way this one is? Even if the coverage is on a particular celebrity’s accident (because he or she is well known), why aren’t both sides given equal importance? Why is one side covered, as if the other side does not really exist?

Why isn’t anybody talking about helping the families who are involved in the accident? How are they being compensated? Did they receive immediate help? And if they are not well off, and they do need monetary help, how it can be provided? Instead, there were details about the location of Hema Malini’s scratches and wounds, and how her daughter, Esha Deol, immediately went to meet her… while at the same time a family was mourning the loss of someone they gave birth to.

Just something to think about, don’t you think?

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