Attention-Seeking Bunny Sneakily Stretches To Get Kisses From Its Partner, Watch Video


I love watching animal videos. And honestly who doesn’t? From adorable doggos to mischievous cats, the internet is filled with fascinating clips of these precious creatures. Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a video of two bunnies that filled my heart with hope and love. Wondering, why?

Well, in a video shared by twitter user @backtOnature, a bunny stretched tremendously just to get closer to its partner and get some kisses. Yes, you read that right!

The 19-second clip shows two bunnies sitting at some distance from each other, reports India Today.  Then one of them lies down on the floor and sneakily stretches in order to cuddle its partner. The partner then showers the bunny with kisses.


Have a look at the adorable video:

Many people were reminded of their better halves after watching the lovey-dovey clip:

I sure miss sharing affectionate moments with my BF amid the pandemic. How about you? Tell us!

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