Confused Cats React Hilariously To Seeing Cat Filters On Their Hoomans, Watch Video

Ever since people have been living their ‘perfect life’ on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, the creators have been putting creative filters to help people post quirky pictures. From creative masks to adding colour and shapes, face swaps and even filters that make them look like animals, they have done it all. Looks like these cat and dog filters are among the most liked ones. But what interests me is how will a cat react when they meet cat filters? Well, looks like we’re about to find out.

GIF source

People’s Daily, China recently posted a video on their social media showing exactly this. The 52-second long video is a compilation of many different videos showcasing the reactions of pet cats when their owner puts the cat filter on.

Some cats were left perplexed while others tried to figure out how the person has a different face on the screen as opposed to reality. Whatever it is, looks like the internet is enjoying the funny reactions of the confused cats. Some even pointed out that the cats came to know about the sorcery.

BRB, trying this trick on my doggo now with the dog filter.

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