‘World Traveler’ To A ‘Doctor’, Agador The Doggo Has His Lockdown Fashion On Point!

Benefits of WFH – 1. Comfy clothes. 2. Can see adorable dog pictures/videos all day. Well, to be honest, I did watch doggo content even while at the office but now I do it shamelessly all day long.

So, while I scroll through tons of Insta accounts daily, here’s one that simply screams ‘cuteness overload’. Meet Agador, a stylish pooch from NYC, who is also known as the “Bob Ross of dogs”. The fluffy head shares pictures rocking all kinds of different outfits.

And, honestly, he looks absolutely stunning in every photo and from every angle! 

  1. This guy sure takes his chores veryyyy seriously.

2. His sassy looks could put any fashionista to shame. 

3. Channeling his inner Carrie Bradshaw? Well, hell yes! 

4. Need some dating advice? 

5. Fitness motivation anyone?  

6. This is a whole freaking mood you all!

7. Fancy a poodle sandwich?

8. Hotness Alert!!!

9. In a galaxy fur fur away..

10. This is exactly what WFH looks like! 


11. Dr. McDreamy ♥

12. All cleaned up! 

13. Breaking rules? Not good. 


14. If ‘couch potato’ had a face! 

15. Capturing the world! 

16. Last but not the least, don’t forget to wear your masks while buying groceries. 

I simply can’t stop obsessing over Agador, can you? Tell us in the comments below.

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