This Journey Of Bringing 2 Generations Closer Together Has A Happy Ending Sweeter Than Dadi’s Stories

You must’ve heard this often, “Old age is Childhood 2.0!” Maybe that’s why kids bond so quickly and so strongly with their grandparents, right?

Children don’t just receive oodles of love and pampering from their Dada-Dadis and Nana-Nanis. They play games, hear stories, learn manners and good habits and absorb years’ worth of wisdom and experience from them. In turn, grandparents forget all the troubles of old age and illness to relive their childhood! No wonder kids love a respite from all the studying parents make them do and run over to their grandparents’ house every chance they get!

For Bhargav Padh and Bharat Vaje, this bond between grandparents and grandchildren is one of the most beautiful and important relationships because both parties have so much to offer each other.

However, Bharat is aware that not every senior citizen gets to experience the joy that this bond brings to their life.

“The truth is that there are millions of neglected senior citizens in our country who live lonely lives. People with a lot to offer but no one to share their knowledge with.”

Bharat aspires to create more awareness about the plight of senior citizens and rally more people to this cause.

Kids these days are more attached to their gadgets than they are to their grandparents. Bhargav highlights the vast disconnect that currently exists between families.

“with more and more families going nuclear, kids now don’t get to spend as much time with their elders.”

In fact, some kids go through their entire childhood without receiving the love and care of their grandparents, who too are deprived of the joy of interacting with their grandchildren. Bhargav wants to help remedy this very loss.

These heartwarming aspirations were what brought these two together.

And so it began, Bharat and Bhargav’s journey to the foothills of Matheran to help two generations rediscover a lost connection.

In Neral, only 90 km from Mumbai, they found the perfect setting to do exactly that—Dignity Lifestyle, a retirement township that offers active and productive living for senior citizens.

But they weren’t alone on this journey! Accompanying them was a school bus full of eager children, excited to make some new friends!

The wide smiles on all of their faces were testament that this was going to be one beautiful experience! And indeed it was!

Bharat and Bhargav had planned a bunch of interesting activities that would help the kids and seniors get acquainted with each other and eventually bond. And the pictures will tell you what a whole load of fun it was!

The children and their ‘new friends’ had already hit it off instantly. But to ensure that they had a chance to interact at a more personal level, they were divided into three groups. Each group indulged in a fun activity, with both parties enjoying themselves and learning in the process.

The elderly seemed to be having a ball, playing a little catch with these kiddos!

Grandma learned some UNO from her new friends!

This adorable Grandma loves to sing. So what do you think happened next? While she taught the kids to sing some lovely classics, the little ones taught her some of their current favourites!

Isn’t it amazing to watch these two generations bond like this? But wait, the best was surely left for the last.

The kids loved their new friends and wanted to do something special for them—a surprise so endearing that it was beyond what Bharat and Bhargav could’ve imagined. Their aspirations, their journey and its beautiful culmination, the surprise… watch it all for yourselves!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Bharat and Bhargav had set out to bridge the gap between two generations that need each to flourish. Kudos to Tata Motors, for bringing them together so that their touching aspirations could be turned into a reality! After all, that’s what Tata Motors’ campaign, ‘Connecting Aspirations’ is all about!

Tata Motors has connected eight individuals, including Bharat and Bhargav, and helped them bridge the gap between their aspirations and the realisation of their hopes and dreams! More such journeys are yet to come! Stay tuned at Connecting Aspirations!