Video Shows Boy Sitting In Pot Of ‘Boiling Water’, Desis Debate How They Did It

India is a country of several superstitions and rituals, some good and some bad. From having your mother put a tika on your forehead and feeding you kheer before an exam to not leaving shoes overturned because jhagra ho jayega, our everyday lives are filled with them.

Speaking of rituals, a video of a young boy sitting in a pot filled with what seems like boiling water has been going viral online, reports The Indian Express. The boy is seen sitting calmly on the pot with his hands joined. Have a look:

The video was condemned by several people online who slammed the boy being apparently “boiled” in the pot. Many called it a “crime”.

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However, a few people came forward to explain how the water isn’t really boiling. In fact, the entire act is a trick that has been used for generations.

Some explained the kadhai is double-layered and insulated, hence it doesn’t get heated up. Apparently, there is a tube that creates the bubbles.

One also posted a picture of the entire set-up.

If you notice, bubbles are seen only in one small area of the entire kadhai. Had the water been actually boiling, bubbles would be seen everywhere, including the back where currently, the flower petals are seen floating without much movement.

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