9 Quirky Posters On Indian Superstitions That We All Believed In While Growing Up!

In India, we’re all (including myself) guilty of believing some of the weirdest superstitions with no logical basis. There are some that are downright outrageous when you really think about it. However, some of these are so deeply ingrained into our psyche that we can’t help but trust in them.

This graphic designer, Nitpal Guliani (brainbucket), illustrates some of the most popular Indian superstitions through quirky designs. I’m sure most of us would relate:

1. The most terrifying creature on the street: Kaali billi.

superstitions 9


2. So kids, keep an infinite supply of curd ready for your Boards.

superstitions 8


3. The most powerful shield in the world!

superstitions 7


4. “On any other day I’ll devour a wild boar. But on Tuesdays, Paneer only.”

superstitions 3


5. I really hate to admit it but I really believe in the black dot. 

superstitions 6


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6. The magical 1 rupee coin. What would we have done without you!

superstitions 5


7. *Flashbacks of so many movies*


superstitions 2


8. And Mercury is hotter than usual, so let’s not do anything today.

superstitions 4


9. Blaming ‘nazar’ is the easiest means to shrug off all responsibility.

superstitions 1

No matter how illogical they seem, this evening if a black cat crosses my path, I’m walking the other way.

Source: Brainbucket

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