Think Your Boss Is The Worst? This Man’s Boss Called Him To Work While His House Was On Fire

By now you’d be aware of the fact that Los Angeles, California was engulfed by one of the worst wildfire seasons of all time. Several attempts were made to stop the fire before it reached the people of LA. And when that failed, the only option that was left was to evacuate.

After the flames subsided, people came back only to see the havoc that the wildfire had wreaked. ‘Dr. Strange’ director Scott Derrickson and actor Gerard Butler posted photos of their burnt houses, while assuring that they were safe.

Many celebs who lived around Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, like Orlando Bloom, Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Guillermo Del Toro, reported similar instances. However, they were thankful to the LA Fire Department, because if it wasn’t for them, they wouldn’t have been alive.

It was a devastating moment for the people of LA as they had lost their houses and their belongings. However, one boss asked their employee to come to work, instead of giving them time to recuperate.

“I understand that your house is on fire and hope that you and your family are safe! I really care and hope everything is good! But yes, please we’re going to be open tomorrow, so please come into work!”

Netizens who saw this were appalled by this boss’ absurd reasoning had shown and slammed the person for his lack of empathy.

1. It’s hard to believe he actually put that into words.

2. Jitna baccha hai, woh bhi khaak kar do matlab?

3. Oh yes it is.

4. It’s a truck ton of BS!

5. He should’ve though twice before saying that.

6. Everyone’s on that edge.

7. Any sane person would.

8. The sad part is that it is.

9. True that.

10. That line is bound to shock the strongest of people.

11. Literal translation found!

12. No employee deserves this.

13. Savage!

14. It can be better if people like this didn’t exist.

15. It should be included in everyone’s daily curriculum.

As much as we don’t want to admit, we need jobs to earn money and live a sustainable life. But that necessity should’ve some sense of humanity in it. Although it’s unsure whether this boss’ house was on fire, it’s safe to assume that they wouldn’t have said the same thing if it was. And even if this boss is beyond redemption, let’s hope other bosses learn to be more human when their employees are going through a crisis.

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