14 Signs That Your Love For Books Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Time-travelling machines haven’t been invented yet. But I say that they do exist. Open a book, and you are transported to another land, a different time. And yet, your feet are planted firmly in the present, and it’s your mind that wanders. Magical, isn’t it?

It’s like standing on the beach, and the ocean waves wash over your feet, bringing along with them a sense of peace, and a hint of a smile. One writer, one book, one sentence, one word have the power to drive you crazy, to make you thirsty for more… and create a nonexistent world that exists.

So this one’s for those voracious readers for whom books and words are much more than pen on paper. A world that is not an illusion but also not reality. They are a trip to fantasy land.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” –  Jorge Luis Borges

1. You are much more immersed in the virtual world than you are in the real world

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2. You can actually predict how a certain character will behave

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“I knew he would do something like this! I knew it!”


3. You can hold a discussion about a book and every twist in it, as if it’s something that happened in real life

And this is how you react when somebody says something stupid about your favourite book:

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4. Every time a character dies, you actually feel the pain

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And you don’t know what to do with your life any more.


5. The words of a particular author make you fall in love, and never fail to bring a smile to your face

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The way every vowel and consonant come together to sing a word that made you fall in love with a sentence.

The way a character can make you have high expectations from them…as if they were alive.


6. When someone compares eBooks and actual books made out of paper…

This is your “inbuilt” reaction:

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To fight or not to fight, that is the question.


7. Deciding which book to read next makes you go…

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This book is written by my favourite author. And he can do no wrong.

But oh, oh, this is a New York Times bestseller!

And this one… *Sigh* Why can’t I read all of them at once?

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8. You simply cannot put an engrossing book away…and might (99.99% chance) even take to reading it under your blanket using a torch or the flashlight in your phone

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There goes my sleep!


9. Sometimes reading can be like being injected with a dose of hormones… you don’t know why you are so overwhelmed and have no idea how to calm yourself down

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10. Even if a plan of meeting your friends gets cancelled, you go “At least I can read my book now”

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Rainy day, and can’t go out? No problem.

Everyone’s busy? No problem.

No electricity, but you have candles? Great.


11. You actually have real-life crushes on people who are figments of the author’s impressive skills

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…which might lead to a disappointing love-life because you have such high expectations.


12. You tend to use literary references while talking… and then realize that not everybody will understand them

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“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!”… No, I am not trying to talk dirty! :/


13. When the movie version of the book comes out and everything is exactly according to the book, and most importantly…THE CHARACTERS ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU IMAGINED.

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And you feel complete deep inside. And then wonder whether you are crazy.


14. You want to finish the book, but you don’t want to finish the book

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Get what I am saying?

“So many books, so little time.”

― Frank Zappa

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