Black Labrador’s Fur Turns White Due To Vitiligo, People Online Call Him ‘Beautiful’


Blaze is a 10-year-old labrador retriever living in Finland. He was born with black shiny fur and like every other dog, he was perfect. He was one of those who loved taking a walk in the woods and swimming in lakes. However, last year, Blaze’s dog-mom Santeri notices a patch of white fur behind Blaze’s ear.

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According to Mirror UK, it turned out that Blaze had developed Vitiligo – a medical condition which causes de-pigmentation of the skin or hair. The small patch of white fur behind Blaze’s ear soon spread across his face and body and his shiny black fur changed into snowy white fur.

But, you know what? A now black-and-white Blaze looks adorable and his pictures will put a smile on your face! Have a look:

After Santeri posted a picture of the doggo on Facebook, love started showering on him from across the world. People on the internet are claiming that the white patches make him look “more handsome” and that he is absolutely gorgeous!

Dogs are probably one of those animals who look adorable and cuddly no matter what!

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