Desis List Bizarre Things They Add While Cooking Pasta That Would Give Italians A Heart Attack

Give us desis any cuisine – Chinese, Italian, Continental, etc. – and we’ll give it our own spin. Give us soya sauce and we’ll add it to pasta. Give us garam masala and we’ll add it to chilli chicken. And we are not sorry for it.

Lately, desi people online have been revealing all the “bizarre” things they add to their pasta while cooking, which would give Italians a heart attack.

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And the secrets that came out one after the other, oh boy! From dhaniya to shimla mirch, keema to pain puri masala, the list of shocking ingredients that are added while cooking the Italian staple dish will make the goras scream “Nahiiiiiiiii!”. Have a look:

Personally, I’m guilty of adding soya sauce, chilli sauce, and vinegar to my pasta and giving it an Indian-Chinese spin! What about you?

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