10 Reasons That Prove Your Love For Indianised Chinese Food Over Authentic Chinese Food


Do you love Chinese food? No, not the authentic version, I’m talking about the Indianized version of that cuisine. People in India absolutely love veg/chicken crispy, Chow mein a.k.a Hakka noodles, schezwan fried rice and, of course, Chinese bhel! 😉

If you relate to the following points, then you’re a certified Indianized Chinese food lover.

1. Whenever the topic of deciding on a place to eat comes up, the first thing on your mind is a Chinese food joint

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Be it the authentic version or the Indianized version.


2. The food is absolutely tasty and generally comes in good quantity – that’s what you and your friends strongly believe in

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It always fits your pocket right and gives out full stomach schezwan burps.


3. As a young teenager, your first party with friends was a Chinese food party

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More than pizza it was about Chinese food.


4. Every time you hear a wonderful news from your friends, you automatically think about a good Chinese restaurant for the party

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It’s easily affordable and a sure way to have fun.


5. Indians like their food with extra masala and this cuisine surely fulfills all their needs

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Bhaiya extra Schezwan chutney dena. 😉


6. All the scents coming out of restaurants and food joints around your house tempt you to eat this cuisine All. The. Time

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If nothing else then Chinese bhel is a must have.


7. You simply love roadside Chinese food, though it looks unhygienic. But who cares, right?

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Chicken crispy FTW.


8. People have challenged your true love for this cuisine and always claim that it’s not authentic

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You simply pop some lollipops and crispies in your mouth and not care a damn about what they say.


9. Your favorite soup in the world is Hot n Sour. You kill for the fried noodles that are served with the soup

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Not the forget, dip those fried noodles in Schezwan sauce and eat till your order arrives.


10. Every time someone mentions that cuisine, your ears and eyes pop out. You never say no to food, especially Chinese food

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It is hands down your favorite cuisine and you absolutely don’t understand people who don’t enjoy that cuisine.

Is the thought of this cuisine making your mouth sweat? The crispy fried outer layer and the soft inner layer of those Manchurian fried balls or other starters are just delicious. The cuisine has a perfect balance of hot, sour, and sweet. Common go eat some delicious Chinese food already.

If you’re tempted to eat this cuisine after reading this article, you’re a certified Chinese food fan. *Drooling* 😀

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