Bhopal: 103-YO Man Gets Married For The 3rd Time As He Was ‘Lonely’, Wife Is A 49-YO

At 103 years old, a man living in Bhopal named Habib Nazar has found love again. 49-year-old Firoz Jahan caught his eye and he got married to her in an Islamic wedding ceremony in the Itwara region of Bhopal. He suffered from immense loneliness and wanted a companion till he was alive.

According to the Independent, Habib Nazar got married for the first time in Nashik. After his wife passed away, he went to Lucknow and got married again. But his second wife passed away as well.

“I was feeling lonely. So I married again,” he said.

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The two have been married for the past year but it wasn’t until a video from their marriage that went viral did people get to know about it widely. In the video, the two newlyweds are seen coming back home after the ceremony.

In the video, the man can be heard saying, “Kisi cheez ki kami nahi hai. Kami hamare dilon mein hai.”

This roughly translates to, “I don‚Äôt feel a shortage of anything. I only feel loneliness.”

When asked about her decision to marry such an old man, Firoz Jahan claimed that he is absolutely fine and didn’t suffer from any kind of illness.

“My husband is absolutely fine and has no medical issues,” she said.

Ah, as they say, love knows no bounds!

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