Bhojpuri Songs On Coronavirus Surface Online, Get Called Out For Being Sexist & Insensitive

The entire world is currently in the grip of a health emergency which is likely to reach pandemic proportions i.e. the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Airports are on high alert, infected people are being quarantined and virologists are trying to create a vaccine as 3,383 lives have already been lost to the disease.

The Bhojpuri music industry, however, is cashing in on the ‘trend’ by releasing songs on the subject. According to The Times of India, instead of spreading awareness, these numbers are highly crass and insensitive. Here are a few of them available on YouTube.

  1. “Hello Kaun Corona Virus” by Khushboo & Pravin Uttam

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2. “China Se Aail Ba Corona Virus” by Rintu Gupta

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3. “China Ke Pichkari Mein Corona Virus Ba” by Khesari Lal Yadav

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4. “Lahenga Mein Corona Virus” by Guddu Rangeela

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5. “Coronavirus Ba Choli Mein” by Aryan Bhai

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Singer Govind Barbar was quoted saying, “Everyone is talking about coronavirus, that’s why I wrote a song on it.” Nirala Bidesia added,

“Now everyone uses Auto-Tune to keep tracks ready. Any time something happens, they just squeeze the lyrics in. But in the race to be the first to sing on a topic means they often overlook whether they are being sensitive.”

Needless to say, these sexualized songs have received flak for spreading racist sentiments about Chinese eating habits, rumours about how the disease spreads and unscientific ‘cures’ for the same.

At a time when the World Health Organization is trying its best to curb fake news and misinformation, these songs are undoing all their hard work, don’t you think?

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