Virologist On BBC Panel Lauds Kerala’s Health Institutions For Controlling Coronavirus Outbreak

According to the Live Coronavirus Tracking Dashboard, India currently has 28 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Out of these, 3 infected people have successfully recovered. These 3 cases were the first ones to be reported in the country. All of them were students returning to the state of Kerala from Wuhan University.

In a recent episode of WorklifeIndia on BBC, leading virologist Dr. Shahid Jameel praised Kerala’s health infrastructure which contained the virus, its spread and the rumours around it.

According to Hindustan Times, the ‘Kerala Model’ was earlier helpful in controlling the Nipah outbreak as well as the Zika virus. The state was able to do this again with preventive measures such as airport screenings and awareness drives.

Furthermore, labs, clinics, private hospitals and primary health centers followed strict infection protocols and quarantined all those who came in contact with infected people. The state health minister held 2 review meetings daily to stay on top of everything, reports The Times of India.

While other elected representatives in the country have claimed that yoga, gobar and gaumutra are effective against the disease, people are praising K.K.Shailaja, Minister for Health, Social Justice and Woman and Child Development in Kerala, for her role in handling the outbreak.

Since there’s no medicine or vaccine for this novel coronavirus, it is essential that we follow some basic precautions listed out by the government and keep ourselves safe.

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