Bhelpuri Gets Served In Paper Containing A Person’s Call Records, Starts Convo On Data Privacy

Our internet browsing history, call records and WhatsApp chats are some of the most private data that we have. We immediately start to panic when these get leaked, considering the various ways in which they can be misused.

However, a certain Mr Sandeep Rane’s call records on a piece of paper is being used to serve bhelpuri in Mumbai! Twitter user Prerna Lidhoon shared a picture. These are the person’s Vodafone call records and surprisingly, most of the calls lasted for zero seconds!

According to Indian Express, many telecommunication companies provide itemised call records—information about the calls made and received on a phone number and the duration of those calls— on request. Mr Rane too might have asked for it and then sold it along with other disposable papers a.k.a raddi.

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However, it did start a rather funny discussion on data privacy in our country. Here’s what people online said:

Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai. Previously, students’ OMR sheets were being used as paper plates to serve roadside snacks. Hey bhagwaan!

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