Bengaluru Man Attends Meeting While Stuck In Traffic On His 2-Wheeler

In big cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, time is money. One cannot afford to arrive late for a meeting just because they were stuck in traffic. Employees are expected to show up at their offices in Mumbai despite the rains. Workers are expected to show up at their offices in Bengaluru despite crippling traffic.

Hence, many people take out their laptops and their smartphones while stuck in traffic and attend meetings or start working on their assignments to get a head start for the day. Even autorickshaw drivers and fellow travellers have become used to this. Even if the vehicles on the road don’t move, people need to move on with their day. No excuses!

Similarly, one man was caught attending an online meeting via his smartphone while being stuck in Bengaluru traffic. Not an autorickshaw or a car, but the man was on top of a two-wheeler while attending the meeting.

A picture of the man was shared on Twitter by a user named Vaibhav who wrote, “Team Call zaruri hai. Peak Bengaluru Moment.”

Have a look at his tweet here:

You gotta do what you gotta do! Traffic or not, meetings zaruri hai. 😛

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