People Work On Laptops On Top Of Bikes, Inside Autorickshaws As Traffic Cripples Bengaluru

Bengaluru traffic, in the past couple of days, has been a nightmare. Visuals have taken over Twitter which showed annoyed commuters stuck in the middle of the road trying to navigate through the clumsy traffic and reach their workplace on time. It is complete chaos in the morning, especially during office hours, in areas like Sarjapur, HSR Layout, Indiranagar and Outer Ring Road.

Just recently, a guy shared a screenshot of his Uber app on Twitter showing how the waiting time for his ride was showing 71 minutes!

And now, another picture has gone viral on social media where we see a woman working on her laptop while being stuck in traffic in Bengaluru. To be honest, what else can one do if they have strict work timings?

According to NDTV, the woman was travelling via a Rapido bike and the picture was taken somewhere between the Koramangala-Agara-Outer Ring Road patch.

Another Twitter user shared a picture of passengers sitting with their laptops open inside an autorickshaw amidst heavy traffic.

A lot of people online sympathised with the woman and shared instances of other people similarly working on their laptops from inside public vehicles amidst traffic. Have a look:

Imagine the kind of pressure some workplaces put on their employees that they have to resort to extreme means to get their work done!

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