Bengaluru Guy Riding Pillion On Bike Spotted Wearing Paper Bag Over His Head As A Helmet

The things you’ll get to see while travelling on Bengaluru roads are on another level. From people peeling vegetables inside their cars while being stuck in traffic to finding the Chief Growth Officer of a company riding an autorickshaw, the roads of the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ are full of surprises. Here’s another example.

Two guys were found riding a bike in Bengluru. While the one who was riding the bike was wearing a helmet, the other one was sitting behind him wearing a paper bag over his head! 100% environment friendly, 0% protection!

Have a look:

People online shared a big laugh upon seeing this picture. While some said that he’s testing AI cameras, others lauded Kanti Sweets – the popular sweet shop chain in Bengaluru to whom the paper bag belongs. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Oh Bengaluru, what a fun city you are! 😀

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