Bengaluru Guy Says His Autorickshaw Driver Turned Out To Be Juspay’s Chief Growth Officer

Company founders and CEOs who work on the ground and directly communicate with customers epitomize effective leadership. By delving into the daily realities of their business, they gain valuable insights on how to make their product/services better, foster trust and lead by example. Previously, the President of Uber in India, Prabhjeet Singh, was found driving cabs and taking on customers.

And now, the Chief Growth Officer of Juspay, a fintech company, has been found riding an autorickshaw as a part of his research for Namma Yatri, an open mobility auto-booking app in Bengaluru.

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This story was shared online by a guy named Manasvi Saxena who was the passenger travelling via the autorickshaw. Here’s what he wrote:

The Chief Growth Officer of Juspay has been identified as Shan M S, an IIM Bangalore graduate who has been working at Juspay for the past 2 years, according to LinkedIn. Manasvi revealed that their conversation was a “casual chit chat” where he asked all the “right questions”. He grew suspicious when the driver was speaking in a very articulate manner.

People online lauded the man for putting such great efforts into bettering his company. Here’s how they responded to the post:

This kind of hands-on approach not only helps people to come up with innovative ideas but also ensures a deeper understanding of customer needs.

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