These Bathrooms Are So Posh And Gorgeous That It’ll Make You Guilty Of Pooping In Them

Do you know how much time you spend in the bathroom or on the toilet seat?

I’m gonna leave it at: A lot!

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Like, it is something that you have no choice or say about. Nature’s call: you gotta go, so you gotta go.

Then, there are a few people who find bathrooms their chill zone. Creativity flows freely, you can sing off-tune and no one will judge you, and you can do a lot of ‘stuff’ there (samajhdaar ko ishara kaafi hai).

That’s Indian washrooms we’re talking about, which some claim are the best ?. Barring the rich and the famous, the common man’s washroom; err…oh, sorry! In rural areas, India is still vying to have access to very basic sanitary facilities; so the washrooms’ in the middle class homes are very, meh. Like, no one puts a lot of thought into it or think too much about the detailing. They want to just shower, do susu-potty and that’s it.

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But there are people who like to spend a lavish sum on their washrooms, or powder rooms as they like to call it, because that’s how they like it. Decadent, posh, swanky-looking!

So, we did a little digging and wanted to feel a bit bad about ourselves. JK! We chanced upon some of the most swell and aristocratic bathrooms on Instagram and dayam, our jaws are lying on some bathroom floor.

1. Whoa, do you see that?

2. No, it’s not a conference room guys. But a legit bath-room.

3. This be teasing us: You wanna take a shower?

4. Wish I had so much money to spend. *cries*

5. Colour-pop, there’s always sunshine in this one.

6. Would anyone have the will to even step out?

Bathtub Goals!! . 📐 by Sandbar Builders 📸 @jelenadesignstudio

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7. For the love of dark, there’s thunder right there.

8. This legit qualifies as the cosy nook. *imagines myself reading in there*

9. This is breath-taking. I mean, look at THAT!

10. Red room of pleasure, this is. (All you Grey fans, agreed?)

11. It’s so spotless. Guilty of using it.

It’s all in the DETAILS!! . 📸 @dvharchitects

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12. Swankiness redefined.

A Beautiful Modern En Suite!! . 📐 unknown. DM for credit. 📸 @sfarachedesign

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13. Only I know, what would I give to lie in there, let my hair down and just sit there for hours, contemplating life.

14. Jaws are not in place, people.

15. Taking the ‘aqua’ too literally. Still a piece of art, this is.

16. Frekkin’ awesome.

17. Lighting is the key. Plus that view, tho!

18. For the love of wooden things. ?

Rustic Modern Mix @theinteriore photo: Justin Coit

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19. It’s the Venetian or Parisian dream.

20. YES! This is it! I want ?

Wallpaper Wednesday! 🍬 @the.polished.pineapple

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And, then there are these which are not swanky, but quirky in some way. Like this one here: Care for a bath amidst the green?

Or poop while reading?

Whatever you say, these lavish bathrooms are unreal (for people like us) and even the thought of pooping or taking a shower in there is making me guilty. ?