Out Of All Bollywood Celebs, Ayushmann Khurrana’s Tweets Feel Like A Warm Hug On A Rainy Day

Problematic tweets stirring controversies, indirect jibes against others, constant promotional content and PR-backed trends – these are everything that Ayushmann Khurrana’s Twitter handle is not. Instead, out of all Bollywood celebrities, his tweets are what feels like a hug or a warm cup of cocoa on a cold day.

When you visit Ayushmann Khurrana’s Twitter account, first you’ll get to see his DP, which is the cutest thing ever. A ‘peace’ gesture covering half his face while wearing a light yellow-coloured hoodie is just so… *melts*

And then when you start scrolling, you’ll see his magic. He has a way with words with which he weaves shayaris that tug your heart. They will remind you of a long-lost friend, your first love, or school days, and remind you that even the most mundane things have something mystical about them.

Here’s a look at some of his tweets:

I mean…❤️

What swag! 😛

Nostalgia hitting hard…

Thank you for existing, you absolute fluff ball of a human!✨

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