Auto Driver’s Son Clears HSC Exam With 592/600 Marks, People Celebrate His Hardwork

It doesn’t matter if someone is a billionaire or a daily wage worker, some parents take pride in their kids and leave no opportunity to show off their child’s achievements to the world out of love.

An auto driver was also elated when his son aced HSC exams with flying colors. Hence, he shared this good news with one of the passengers traveling on his rickshaw in Akola, Maharashtra.

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That passenger was Vivek Arora. The auto driver showed Vivek his son’s result beaming with pride and happiness. Vivek decided to share his joy with the world and posted a picture of the inspiring mark sheet on LinkedIn. He wrote:

“Today while travelling in a local Auto in Akola Maharashtra, the auto driver shared his son’s mark sheet with us out of sheer joy. See the marks. He is a brilliant brain. The father was feeling so proud sharing the achievement of his son.”

His son named Garud Sachin Balu scored 592 out of 600. He scored full 100 marks in Mathematics and Statistics and Physics, got 97 in English, 98 in chemistry and SCI, and 99 marks in Biology out of 100.

People online were proud of the young lad and lauded him for an impressive report card. There were also some who extended their support to aid the child in pursuing higher education.

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So happy for the proud father and his hardworking kid!

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