Robert Downey Jr Meets Autistic Boy Who Was Able To Speak Again After Wearing Iron Man Helmet

Most of us come from a generation that has grown up watching superhero movies. So, when we walk past a shop which has Marvel and DC merchandise, we are immediately drawn to it! Even though we hail from an age of reason and logic, a part of us believes that wearing a superhero mask might give us superpowers! And something similar happened to this little guy.

A 10-year-old boy diagnosed with autism, who had lost verbal ability at the age of 1, was able to speak again after putting on an Iron Man mask!

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In a recent episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the boy along with his parents were invited to meet with none other than Iron Man himself – Robert Downey Jr. Speaking to him, the family recalled how painful it was for the boy to be unable to express his feelings or make friends. At 1, he had lost the ability to speak, at 4 he was diagnosed with autism.

However, a miracle happened after he turned 6. He was gifted an Iron Man helmet and after wearing it, he imagined himself to be a superhero and was able to speak again.

“It was almost like the mask provided a sense of…it grounded him and it allowed him to feel confident. And within 24 hours, we saw a different child,” the boy’s father told RDJ.

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“There is something…I think for all of us…when you’re able to wear a mask, whether you are doing theatre in school or at Halloween…it gave us a voice,” said Robert Downey Jr.

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People on the internet are sharing similar experiences where kids with social anxiety and speech problems were able to overcome it after wearing a mask. Some were just overwhelmed with the boy’s story.

A superhero mask does come with superpowers!