Arnab Gives A Monologue About India’s Ban On Chinese Apps; Twitter Says ‘Drama Mat Kar’


The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps citing reasons of national security. However, many people are still contemplating whether it was a powerful move or not. In fact, several individuals shared memes to express their sorrow over the ban of their favorite apps like TikTok & Shein ?. 

So, while the nation is still debating if blocking the apps is a good thing or not, Indian journalist and TV news anchor Arnab Goswami gave an exuberant monologue during his live-on-air reporting about the ban.

In true Arnab style, he said that the Chinese didn’t know what hit them because of the suddenness of the move. However, many people found his reporting a tad bit dramatic.

Have a look at the entire video:

Several people shared their hilarious thoughts about Arnab’s dramatic monologue: 

Well, what do you think about the move? Tell us!

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