“There Was A Special Barricade Put For Me”: Archana Puran Singh On Shooting Amid Covid-19

All of us took various precautions when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak. Right from social distancing to masking up. Remember the robbers in UP who executed a sanitized heist? Well, it is now actress Archana Puran Singh who opens up about excessive measures she took when the shoot first resumed for The Kapil Sharma Show.

“My protocol was strong,” she says, adding, “Any guests who would come on the show, I wouldn’t meet them, there was a special barricade put for me. I used to not take a chance, and some of them would get upset ,‘What is this, she is not even coming to hug me’. But now I have got both my vaccines, so I am much more at ease,” she explains.

HT reports her speaking of the precautions she took during the first wave. Archana divulged that she drove herself but asked her driver to go and sanitize her vanity van for her. “He (driver) would go to the set in another car, and get my vanity van sanitised. Then he would send me a video, only then I would enter the van. 20 minutes before I reached the van, they would open it so that the chemicals would get out.”

“Nobody was allowed to physically step in. I used to do my own hair and makeup, I was my own driver, hairstylist, makeup person, spot boy, would make my own tea, wash my plates. I would also get my dress steam ironed from home and take it with me, so no dress man was allowed to come,” she reveals.

Archana says there’s a complete change in her attitude after vaccination. “My producers get very worried, ‘Ma’am, aap kya kar rahe ho, aap sab se mil rahe ho, paas khade ho kar baat kar rahe ho. Now how do we tell others not to’. I tell them I have got both my shots, and luckily, after the second wave most of our crew is double vaccinated. So is out audience. So, I am more comfortable now,” she signs off.

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