Video: UP Robbers Follow COVID-19 Protocols While Looting Jewellery In ‘Sanitized Chori’

Yesterday, we discovered a video of a swan forcing a woman to wear a mask properly and we were impressed and entertained in equal measure. Now, CCTV footage from a store named ‘Sunder Jewellers’ in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced where 3 men can be seen looting it.

What’s interesting to note is that the robbers are all wearing face masks and sanitize their hands before pulling out a pistol.

News18 quoted the owner saying, “The miscreants looted jewellery worth about Rs 36 lakh and Rs 50,000 in cash.” Bannadevi Police Station has registered a complaint, identified 2 of the robbers and launched a manhunt.

Twitter can’t get over the health consciousness and ‘safety first’ modus operandi of the thieves and are calling it the most ‘sanitized chori’ ever.

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This is the literal depiction of the phrase ‘thug life’ in reality.

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