Swan ‘Forces’ Woman To Wear A Mask Properly, People Say It Is Wiser Than Humans


It is not an exaggeration to say that all of us have heard the words ‘wear your masks’ a gazillion times this year. We know how it is a safety precaution that we can’t afford to ignore during the pandemic. However, a few people are still caught not wearing it at all or worse, not wearing it properly.

When a swan recently encountered one such woman with her mask resting on her chin, it went ahead and fixed it for her in the best possible manner. Take a look.

The hilarious video with an important lesson had Twitter calling the bird a hero. Everyone also pointed out how wildlife often displayed more common sense than humans.

Earlier, we’ve witnessed a crow throwing a plastic bottle in the dustbin and a monkey turning off a tap after drinking water. We really have no excuse to not wear our masks properly, don’t you think?

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