Twitter Floods With Jokes After Hansal Mehta Tweets Arbaaz Khan’s Pic To Wish Roger Federer

Be it his fans or rivals on the court, everyone gave their tribute to ace tennis player Roger Federer as he announced his retirement from his competitive career.


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Bollywood film director Hansal Mehta also took to Twitter to wish him well. But he did it with a dash of humor. The ‘Scam 1992’ director posted a picture of Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan to wish Roger the best for his retirement. He captioned the picture, “Going to miss you champion. #RogerFederer.”

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Arbaaz Khan and Roger Federer have very similar features, enough to pass them as each other’s doppelgangers. Since Mehta is from the film industry, I’m pretty sure he can differentiate one from the other.

While I think he did this intentionally to add humor to the depressing news, people online thought Mehta goofed up. There on, Twitter had a field day trolling Mehta for his alleged blunder and joking about the post.

The reactions to this post are just priceless. We will miss you, Roger!

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