Employees At The Newly-Opened Apple Stores In India Earn ₹1 Lakh A Month, Are Highly Qualified

One might think that people working on-ground at retail stores and trying to sell products to customers don’t have a glamorous job. They might think that their job doesn’t even require them to have impressive educational qualifications and comes with a paycheck that isn’t very fancy. But the employees working at the newly-opened Apple stores in BKC, Mumbai, and Saket, New Delhi, have it all.

According to a report by Economic Times, the employees working on-ground at the two Apple stores have degrees like an MSc in Information Technology, MBA, BTech in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Automation Engineering and BCA.

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Some of them even come from foreign universities like Cambridge and Griffith. A few are known to have been transferred from Apple stores in Europe and the Middle East.

What’s even more surprising is the salary they take home every month – Rs 1 lakh and above! This is 3-4 times the salary an average retail store employee gets per month.

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The employees at Apple BKC, Mumbai, can speak over 25 languages while those at Apple Saket can speak over 15 languages. Over 170 employees have been hired to manage the two stores and have been trained in global customer service levels.

It was further revealed by ET that Apple offers health and wellness medical plans, paid leaves, tuition expenses for educational courses, stock grants and special discounts while purchasing the brand’s products to its retail employees.

This is what a dream job looks like!

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