People Online Slam YouTube Channel For Adding Sindoor To Anushka Sharma’s Diwali Pics


Out of the several things that women are ridiculed for by society every day, not looking married enough is a significant one. You see, not all women want to wear sindoor, mangalsutra, clad themselves in red saree and bangles all the time. Some women choose not to wear it at all. It’s a personal choice, and my oh my are they judged for it.

Having said that, one YouTube channel named ‘Universal In Sights’ added sindoor to Anushka Sharma’s sindoor-less Diwali pictures. This was noticed by a Twitter user who posted the pictures on the micro-blogging site.

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This is Anushka Sharma’s original picture:


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People online couldn’t believe that someone could actually do that. While some responded with jokes, a few others asked people to leave women and their choices alone.

A few months back, Guwahati High Court had claimed that married women who don’t wear sindoor are unwilling to accept their marriage.

It is okay for women to don traditional symbols of marriage. It is also okay if they don’t want to. When will society begin to respect one’s personal choice?

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