Anand Mahindra Shares Video Of Unique Cleaning Device, Lauds India’s Talent For Jugaad

Anand Mahindra is one of the few people in India who, despite being the chairman of a huge company, truly goes out of his way to appreciate the smallest of efforts. For example, his venture into the cyberspace brought him across a shoe doctor, who amazed him with his marketing skills. Then there was an unknown singer who turned himself into a one-man band to Mahindra’s surprise. And this time it’s an army jawan who has caught his eye.

In a video that’s been doing the rounds, a jawan in an army cantonment can be seen using a peculiar contraption to clean the roads.

Anand Mahindra likes to share WhatsApp videos and this time he shed light on a man dragging an instrument that has four brooms attached to a circular object. Now, that object is probably connected with a pulley system that rotates it when the apparatus moves forward. And that brings down one broom after another, thereby cleaning the road.

Considering how Mahindra hadn’t seen this before, he was mesmerised by the efficiency and beauty of it. And while appreciating India’s affinity for ‘jugaad’, Mahindra came up with an idea of collecting items that are as unique as this rotatory broom. Additionally, he said that he would open a museum of sorts to house and display them.

You can watch the video here:

“I have long advocated that india can’t settle only for ‘jugaad’ (make-do)& has to shoot for ‘jhakaas’ (Mumbai slang for ‘brilliant’)Still, I would like to create a museum of these fascinating jugaad devices somewhere. Maybe at Mahindra Reaearch Valley in Chennai?”

Netizens loved Anand Mahindra’s idea as it would motivate people to make more unique and indigenous machines.

1. That’s a quote to live by.

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2. That’s an even better idea.

3. People are coming in with suggestions as well.

4. True that.

5. A small tweet for him, a lot of motivation for us.

In a time where we’re constantly looking for ready-made machines, Anand Mahindra is the only one who’s pushing everyone to make something with their own hands. He’s also showing us that nobody needs a degree to make things like this. They just need some imagination. So, start creating and maybe Anand Mahindra might feature you next on his Twitter feed.

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