Anand Mahindra Helps Out A Smart ‘Shoe Doctor’, Twitter Lauds Him For His Humility

Everyone is aware of the statistic that in 2017, the richest 1% acquired 73% of India’s wealth. And considering how they’ve reached those heights, they deserve it as well. However, as the rest of the population is in desperate need of some support, how many of these wealthy individuals do you think reaches out to them with a helping hand? Well, Anand Mahindra is certainly one of them.

In addition to being the chairman of Mahindra Group, he is involved in a lot of humanitarian activities. He has donated approximately ₹ 66 crore to the Harvard Humanities Center and funded the Nanhi Kali project for providing education to underprivileged girls. However, it was his fondness for social media interactions that brought him in touch with a shoe doctor, whom he went onto help in a huge way.

According to the Indian Express, on April 17th, Anand Mahindra had posted a photo of a cobbler who was presenting himself as a shoe doctor and lauded him for his marketing technique.

Apparently it was a WhatsApp forward and had no info regarding his address. However, as Anand was so eager to help him out, he asked the internet to search for him.

Anand Mahindra’s act of kindness obviously received a lot of attention from the internet. While a lot of them praised the businessman for his humanity, others assured that he’ll find the shoe doctor due to his enthusiasm for helping Dr. Narseeram.

In a recent tweet, Anand informed everyone that they’ve located the cobbler in Haryana and sent out a team to make necessary arrangements for his workplace.

Additionally, Anand showed some of the ideas that they’ll implementing for him and how it’ll efficiently use the space of a pavement.

Although this seems like a small step for someone of Anand Mahindra’s stature but it’s a huge upgrade for people who’ve to make their living the way Narseeram does.

People who follow Anand Mahindra lauded him for his humanitarian nature and for rewarding Dr. Narseeram’s marketing acumen.

1. Practice what you preach.

2. Cannot agree more.

3. Anand Mahindra is an inspiration to all.

4. The nation should be proud of him.

5. A true hero.

It’s indeed a heartwarming story but there is a very important lesson here from Narseeram’s request and Anand Mahindra’s response. It’s that we should strive to make a sustainable future instead of aiming for a momentary, glamorous one. Honestly, we need more people like Anand in our country.

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