Desis Hilariously React To Amrish Puri’s ‘Golden Banana Gun’ From The Movie ‘Ilaka’


Even though Bollywood has moved on from producing just the typical masaledaar commercial movies, one cannot forget how several Indian films and TV serials have left us scratching our heads in the past. From doctor performing defibrillation on patients using ‘Scotch Brite’ scrubbers, to girl drowning in suitcase these questionable scenes have often left us thinking, ‘Ye kya tha bhai?’

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But what we are going to show you now will definitely make you speechless. So, while scrolling through Twitter, I came across a picture of late actor Amrish Puri’s revolver from the 1989 movie ‘Ilaka’. What caught our attention was that the shiny gun was wrapped in what looked like gold foil and had a handle that resembled one-half of a banana.

Twitter user Aditi Sen shared a picture of the marvelous handgun saying that it deserves its own movie. And TBH, we think the same.

Obviously, Tweeple had a lot to say about this masterpiece. Take a look:

Well, I am intrigued to have some more glimpses of this gem. BRB!

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