Doc Uses ‘Scotch Brite’ To Give Shock To Patient In TV Serial, Twitter Calls It ‘Budget Cuts’

Do you know why desi TV serials are the best? Because anything can happen in them. Dead people can come back to life, women can wear their wedding jewellery to bed, and doctors can perform defibrillation on patients using bathroom scrubbers!

You read that right. A Twitter user recently shared glimpses from a Bengali TV serial, named ‘Krishnokoli’ where a doctor is seen giving an electric shock to a patient using two Scotch Brite bathroom scrubbers!

Have a look:

Image source
Image source

Have a look at the tweet here:

Honestly, any sane person would lose their minds watching this and so did people on the internet! In the middle of all the jokes, people seemed to be really worried (not) about the budget cuts the production team has suffered due to the pandemic.

Someone even went on to share the teaser of this particular episode and I must say, the characters have got zero chill.

I can now say that 2020 has shown me EVERYTHING!

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