Alia Bhatt Gets Shamed For Getting Pregnant 2 Months After Marrying Ranbir Kapoor

Today morning, Alia Bhatt took to social media to announce that she and her husband Ranbir Kapoor are expecting their first child. She also posted a picture that was taken inside the doctor’s chamber while ultrasonography was being performed. It came as a surprise to many as the couple have been married for two months. But congratulations poured in from across the world from celebrities and fans alike.

However, there has been a section of people who have been taking a dig at Alia Bhatt for getting pregnant just two months into the marriage. Some even speculated that she might have gotten pregnant earlier and therefore, the wedding was a “rushed affair”. Extremely derogatory and invasive comments came in the way.


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Are you seeing the glaring hypocrisy of our society? If a couple gets pregnant right after marriage, they are trolled. If a couple doesn’t get pregnant a few years into a marriage, they are trolled. Their marriage. Their bodies. Their choice. Please spare them the unnecessary harassment.

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