UK First Lady Akshata Murty & Narayana Murthy Spotted At Roadside Bookstall In Bengaluru

In India, it’s crucial for wealthy individuals to choose simplicity over showing off. By avoiding flashy displays and living humbly, they become role models for everyone else. This isn’t just about personal choices; it’s about embracing our cultural values. When rich people keep things simple, it sends a strong message that inspires others to do the same.

This is something that has been constantly expressed by the way Narayana Murthy and his family live. The founder of Infosys has, on many occasions, set an example that despite gaining immense wealth and power, one can choose to live a simple life. Recently, he was spotted with his daughter Akshata Murty, the First Lady of Britain, quietly enjoying ice cream in Bengaluru.

Yet again, the father-daughter duo were spotted in Raghavendra Mutt in Bengaluru at roadside bookstalls. Dressed simply with no security personnel, Akshata Murty and her daughters Anoushka and Krishna were seen checking out the roadside stalls as Narayana Murthy followed them.

A video of the incident was shared on X by a user named M.R. Guru Prasad who wrote, “UK PM Rishi Sunak’s wife and kids spotted at Raghavendra Mutt in Bengaluru, accompanied by Infosys Founder Narayanamurthy. Their simplicity shines through, with no security in sight.”

Have a look:

In a world that is obsessed with looking and behaving ‘rich’, people living such simple lives is refreshing to see. ūüôā

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