Aaj Tak Reached New Heights By Hanging Panellists 160ft Above Ground To Discuss Budget

In the run for TRP and views, news channels these days are doing anything and everything except disseminating information that is relevant to the countrymen.

Earlier, a news channel made an animated video to explain how a man peed on a 70-year-old female on an Air India flight. A news channel was also slammed for making a 19-year-old man run inside their studio.

Now, they have shown that sky is the limit when it comes to doing stunts that’ll make everyone facepalm really hard.

An acclaimed Indian news channel, Aaj Tak, recently shared a promotional video of their upcoming news segment on the Indian budget. As claimed by their prominent news anchor, you have legit not seen anything like this as they are going 160 feet above ground level for the panel discussion on the budget.

The channel booked the entire seating at FlyDining restaurant in Noida and took their anchors, camera persons, and panelists on it for their ‘Budget Ki Udaan’ show.

For the unaware, FlyDining is a food outlet that lets you have a unique dining experience by taking you several feet up in the air.

In the video shared by the channel, the anchors can be seen saying that since the channel reaches new heights with their news coverage, this time they are literally going to reach different heights by discussing the budget in the air.

“Hum kai feet upar isliye lekar aae hai taaki apney khaas mehmano se charcha kar sakey k vaakai iss baar ka budget bhi yahi udaan bhar paaega?” said another anchor.

(We have brought our guests several feet above the ground to discuss if the country’s budget will also reach new heights or not.)

Watch the video here:

More than being impressed, people online were curious to know what was the need to take the entire newsroom in the air to discuss something so crucial to the country.

After watching this video, logic left the chat. I hope gravity is here to stay! LOL!

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