Google-Owned Website YouTube Faced A Global Outage & People Posted Hilarious Memes

Today morning, many people woke up to find that the video-sharing and viewing website YouTube is down and not functioning for them. In this situation, many people took to Twitter to share a multitude of memes and queries. While the reason for this ‘YouTube outage’ is yet to be ascertained, several users not just in India, but all across the globe reported a playback error on videos.

Many users were left frustrated with other problems as well like login issues, a drop in resolution of the videos, and the website going blank and not working at all, News18 reports.

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But the responses in terms of jokes and memes were hilarious, as always. Check them out:

  1. Damage control!

2. Did videos buffer for you this way?

3. We’ve all been there when we thought it’s just our WiFi that’s not working.

4. Many were left feeling like a clown, apparently.

5. Watching videos is a good time-pass and distraction for many, after all. And they felt the void!

6. Many people found solace on other social media platforms that were working.

7. Meanwhile, this is me navigating through all the drama.

Finally, team YouTube’s official Twitter handle confirmed that it is now up and running as usual.

Did you notice YouTube crashing today? Or were you blissfully asleep at the time? Tell us!

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