Amazing Story Of India’s Youngsters Protecting What They Love – Their Country, By Keeping It Clean!

Protect what you love.

This has always been the mantra of revolutionary movements around the world. Back home, we’ve seen passionate campaigns in Mumbai too where Afroz Shah and his team played a crucial role in Versova beach cleanliness drive. And after almost 20 years the Versova beach now hosts Olive Ridley turtles! Incredible, right?

Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

This is especially true in our country where the youth of today are charged up to take matters into their own dependable hands.

And that’s exactly the gist of this beautiful campaign spearheaded by Castrol Activ, where youngsters are taking it upon themselves to strive hard and be the catalyst for reform – to make their cities free of the trash strewn around.

Let me say one thing, it’s freaking inspiring!

When committed youngsters take up the cause of protecting Mother Earth, change is imminent.

And that’s the way forward.

The project is being conducted in three parts of India- Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai and it’s exactly what we need. Moreover, the cleaned up areas are going to be used as spaces for box cricket.

Yep, that’s right. So thanks to the vigour in these people, places where you couldn’t even walk, can now be used by kids to hit sixes! That’s an achievement, right?!

Look at what Delhites did to support the cause:

1. Working hard for a common goal.

2. The dedication is commendable.

3. YES!

4. And look at the fruit of their labour.

5. C’mon we want a boundary!

6. Look at that bowling action. Superb!

7. Teamwork!

8. Happy faces all around!

Don’t worry, volunteers in Ahmedabad weren’t far behind:

1. Before the activity.

2. Becoming one with the team.

3. The enthusiastic volunteers.

4. Change in motion.

5. And now, time for the reward.

6. Will you look at that or what?!

This activity also took place in Chennai at Kotturpuram housing board where it was met with playful enthusiasm and infectious drive of the volunteers.

1. This was the condition before the activity began

2. The enthusiastic volunteers

3. Turning a leaf

4. Taking shape

5. Distribution of kits to excited local kids

6. Just look at that beaming smile

7. Now compare this with the first picture

8. Future Kohli

9. Now that’s what transformation looks like: Beautiful!

Even Harsha Bhogle was a part of the drive and the message is loud and strong- “What matters most is the power within to protect what is important”.

Watch the entire video here.

The campaign itself is applause-worthy. Youngblood of the country realising that somethings need to change in the nation and are actually doing it. Kudos to Castrol for being that spark in the revolution.

So next time, you’re dejected don’t just sit and complain, get up, fix it and protect what you love.

In association with Castrol Activ