10 Proverbs About Life That Are Not Always Correct

Our daily conversations are not complete without the use of proverbs. We often treat these proverbs as gospel truth. But many-a-times, these proverbs are not completely correct.

Here are some famous proverbs which are not always true.

1. Practice makes a man perfect

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This famous proverb is not true because practice only makes it permanent and only perfect practice makes it perfect. If you are practicing the wrong thing then it would never make you perfect.

Example – If you are practicing archery but your technique is flawed then even if you practice daily, you will not become a perfect archer.


2. Slow and steady wins the race

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If we the read the story carefully then we would realize that the tortoise did not win just because he was slow and steady but also because the Rabbit was not steady. If the Rabbit was fast and steady then he would have defeated the Tortoise hands down. So, more than slow and steady, it is the one who is fast and steady, actually, wins the race.

Example – Even if you are running a marathon, if you are slow you will never be able to win.


3. Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

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Though it might be correct in some places but this proverb too is not always correct. Many times you might come across people suffering from diseases which neither kills them nor makes them stronger. These diseases make them weak and even helpless. Although we might use it to console somebody but the fact is, this proverb is not always right.

Example – An accident might not kill you but make you differentially able forever and that would surely not make you stronger.


4.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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This proverb tells you that as long as something is functional we don’t need to repair it. This proverb too is often wrong. Actually, it is important to identify a problem and find a solution for it as early as possible. Often waiting until the very end is not actually a smart thing to do.

Example – Often major accidents are caused because a minor defect.


5. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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This proverb tells you that when you are a particular place you need to behave according to the place. While this proverb might seem to be correct but if read between the lines it also takes away our individuality. No matter where we go we should be ourselves and not copy somebody else.

Example – Most of the companies these days prefer maverick individuals over the general candidates.


6. No news is good news.

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Pessimists will always agree with this proverb but the optimists will beg to differ. Not all news is bad news. If we receive some bad news then we also receive some good news too. Both good news and bad news provide balance to our life.

Example – These days there many news shows and social media websites that are dedicated to bringing only good and positive news to you.


7. Ignorance is bliss.

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Ignorance is more harmful than bliss. You can achieve bliss only when you are aware and not ignorant of things. Knowledge is bliss and not ignorance. If we all start to believe that ignorance is bliss then we would always remain a fool.

Example – Even if you look at Buddha, you can see that he achieves bliss only after he is enlightened.


8. Knowledge is power

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Well, if you are a Game of Thrones fan then you already know how wrong this proverb is. The scene where the Littlefinger tells Cersei that Knowledge is power, she immediately asks her guards to arrest him and then tells him that power is power. This hard hitting scene proves that though knowledge is always is helpful, but it is not necessary that it would make you powerful.

Example – An I.A.S. officer might be more knowledgeable but it is ultimately the politicians who have more power.


9. Curiosity kills the cat.

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This proverb tells you that it is not good to be curious. But if you try to analyze then you would find that all the major inventions and discoveries in this world were done by people who were curious. If we are curious then we would never learn new things. Curiosity is one of the important things that keeps us alive and without it, our lives are dull.

Example – If Thomas Edison was not curious he would not have invented half of the things he did.


10. Expect nothing and you would never be disappointed

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Hell is often described as the place where there is no hope. Hope and expectations are the only things that separate us from Hell. Success and disappointment is a part of life but that should not stop us from expecting this.

It is often expectations that drive us to do the things we want to.

Example – Great athletes always try to perform better than expected. Even coaches have high expectations from them and they often try to justify their expectations through their performances.

So, what do you think about these proverbs?

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